Saturday, December 5, 2009

holiday spirit everywhere

Pet shops are busy at this time of the year.

Little budgies are always available for not much money.
However I just don't agree to keep a bird in a cage inside of a human dwelling.
Birds are made to fly out in the open and it is simply cruel to keep a bird locked up.

Turtles are excellent photo subject! Very slow moving and lot of patient to be a model.
We know about many turtles are on the endangered species list . To protect them is our duty, but not make them a subject for a toy.

I certainly agree with those who are not enthusiastic about pet business.

To love animals are many ways. Enjoy them without making them a prisoner. Save their habitats and don't push them out to extinction!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Underwater beauties

Since my British friend ArgO sent me a photo of beauties in an aquarium: I was just looking to find some company to his photo.
Lo and Behold I went to the local petshop where they let me take photo with Great Pleasure!
More Lo and Behold:
the fishes loved it when I came closer and with great curiosity were banging on the tank's glass wall.