Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Story of Day and Night.

A pair of doves lives near my birdfeeder
year after year.
The male will listen to his name: DAY
and his pretty wife
is called NIGHT.
Day is great protector of his territory which mainly is the feeder and Night is looking like and obedient female, but just looking so.
Usually they come together,
eating a lot till there is no room
for more food.
Day is chasing the other doves away, but because some
seeds fall on the ground
the chased aways also can feed.
Day and Night loves to take a sunbath
after the stomac is full.
But Day's
hormons make him get up:
trying to make love
to Night.
So starts the chase
around and around
because Night has no
intention to give in
to Day's ardent desire!
Finally out of breath Day will calm down
and Night will speak to him gently:
"Look Day: there are just so many doves!
You are busy in your eating time
to chase them away
to protect the food
for your self and me."
Day was wondering what Night is trying to say,
because his head was only
able to think of
making love.
Night looked at him and said:
" There is a limit to everything on Earth!
When there are too many doves
the humans will come
with their guns
and kill
and kill the doves."
Night with tears in her eyes
finally said:
"Do you know about the PASSEGER PIGEONS!?
From billions to none!
A species was extinct
because the humans killed them all."
And so the control is in Night's wisdom:
The little obedient looking wife
knows better
how to keep control
for a happy life.
The photograph is by courtesy of Argo, the British photografer
who took the picture of a pair
of Ringneck Doves at early
Spring 2010.

Monday, March 8, 2010

BlogMark: Spring Picks

BlogMark: Spring Picks

SPRING TIME happenings

The magic in Spring time

I show you what is beautiful

Let's see what is outside of water

We are growing very fast

Just a little time went by
and we are ready
for the
nicest show
to the World!
Blogmark wish to say thank you to Argo contributing his exclusive photos to this blog.