Saturday, December 5, 2009

holiday spirit everywhere

Pet shops are busy at this time of the year.

Little budgies are always available for not much money.
However I just don't agree to keep a bird in a cage inside of a human dwelling.
Birds are made to fly out in the open and it is simply cruel to keep a bird locked up.

Turtles are excellent photo subject! Very slow moving and lot of patient to be a model.
We know about many turtles are on the endangered species list . To protect them is our duty, but not make them a subject for a toy.

I certainly agree with those who are not enthusiastic about pet business.

To love animals are many ways. Enjoy them without making them a prisoner. Save their habitats and don't push them out to extinction!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Underwater beauties

Since my British friend ArgO sent me a photo of beauties in an aquarium: I was just looking to find some company to his photo.
Lo and Behold I went to the local petshop where they let me take photo with Great Pleasure!
More Lo and Behold:
the fishes loved it when I came closer and with great curiosity were banging on the tank's glass wall.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I changed the blog's name from daily notes to BlogMark.
This blog is for technical experiments only.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Improving a published blog

The purpose of this blog---- as stated before----to find out how to make changes after a blog was published. Not so difficult.
as I made changes I believe was improving
this blog.
Thanks to ArgO ( the photographer of the "Fishes") ,who called my attention for changes. I hope my blogging experiments works out.
The "Fishes" photo can be seen below just scroll down.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


New Blog called Blog Mark to see a posting before making silly mistakes in a nice blog with Followers. One should be considered when the kind bloggers read your blog we should make it enjoyable.

I make a layout, a pencil drawing before taking the ink!
From my animals:
Snoopy and the Orangutan making the consideration.
Snoopy already has some Christmas deco on, because Christmas is just around the corner.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the end of Fall

The fallen leaves from my oak trees whispering
" End of the Season"

Here are my very funny daisies! They wait to bloom till the frost comes in one night. And when is really cold they bloom happily for long time!

The sunshine is different at the end of November.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angel was shopping

You know me as we met on the beach in the late summer. I am "Angel"

This is an other picture of me but is not as good as the other picture.
Told Blue Bird ( to the photo bird) to get her act together...
The bloggers want the best.

And Blue Bird knew that she has to buy an other card for the camera because she had that card just too long.
Put it on the shopping list.

Monday, November 16, 2009

enchanting garden

This is a very modest little room for visitors, but nobody was there
The biggest garden-chair I ever saw and wondered if some elephants may be live in this garden?

The splendor of the colors were just amazing

No matter where you looked the variety of the entire landscape was just as in a wonderland

There was an old time house for may be the horses as at that time when this garden was established 1911 there were horses for getting around

Endless variety of the fantastic color show was simply mesmerizing

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

around the house

Fog in the early morning. View of my neighbor's house.

Light falls on a bunch of dried flowers.
Preservation for the winter.

I like a decorative plant like this.Has a lot to say till she got to look like now.

Fountain in the evening darkness is a cheerful sight.

The bright flowers soon will disappear when frost hits during a night.

today's arrival

In this late Fall warm days the insects came out to enjoy the last rays of the Sun. This is a commonly called "Cabbage butterfly".
BUZZ DEXTER (name of Bumble-bee) enjoying a deep sip of honey from the beautiful Dahlia.

Monday, November 2, 2009

ArgO photo @2009

This is a most exciting photo of "FISHES" taken by ArgO the British friend. Certainly would win in a contest, but he is just sending it to my Blog and see what my Blogger friends would say?
Thank you for the pic, it's the highlight of this Day!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

today as it was

The end of the season in the backyard

The birdfeeder
The colorful leaves saying good bye before falling on the ground
I looked at my garden as everything was getting ready for the winter
but than I left to to see something
very beautiful on this most wonderful day
somewhere in a nursery I know
about the going events.

what is for today?

This is an abuse.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

no photo!!!!

What is internal Error? Can not upload any photo tonight! My blog without a pic is not my blog! :-((

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

october walk

Here is the show I promised to present to you. It was a mighty nice afternoon to take pictures in this huge territory of a former Estate. It was the beginning of the 20 century when
on Long Island there were still big size lands and was purchased by the rich people at that time.
Because of the beauty of the trees, gardens also a castle all these enormous values were saved for the coming generation. It is protected and maintained by the government and it certainly is a great pleasure to come here in various times of the year to enjoy and with your camera take with you a most memorable show of Nature.

Photo show coming

I took some pictures in a most beautiful place which is declared as National Monument, that means it is protected from any human development.
It is basically an arboretum, and also has many activities with flowers, tropical garden, and various programs for children or adult education.
I am going to download my camera from today's shooting.
Hope you will enjoy the show. Blue bird :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photos for today

Late summer photo from my garden in Long Island,N.Y.

Fall leaves of my Dogwood tree. New York State's Tree!
To the left are the leaves fallen from my oak trees.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Got to start!

It is the truth: You try hard--- you will succeed. Take it from me as I am telling the truth to you.
Yesterday I had bad luck to start my diary.
But today, because of very kind blogger connections, like Lori from Canada sent me the inspiration to try again and here we are, my new blog is launched into the cyberspace!
The beginning to let you know how is life by me where I live in this most beautiful World of ours. Do not forget: reality is out there but we make something out of it what can be anything = what we create out of it. Wow!
I think with my bird brain that it is a little harsh to put all the responsibility on ourselves.
OK. so thinks a little bird's brain, but the humans can make up things like predestination, what actually is more severe, because than no matter what you do your faith is ( somewhere) where ever but made up to fit to you. Meaning: no matter what you do it really does not matter.
Good luck said the bird community. It is still what you make out of it. :-)
Now I want something else for my diary. This is flying off from the ground, but sorry we Birds we do fly and that is just so wonderful! Do you think that humans will want to read about this kind of a nonsense? Will see! Are there any followers to leave a comment? First thing first: 0 comment :-))))) Bluebirdstuff. :)))

blue bird's diary

I am trying to write my daily notes.

Trying to think how to talk the way the humans will understand it. No this picture is not me. It is friend ( they call her/him a "seagull") a mature member of the seagull community and enjoy taking picture of her/him. Usually is connected to get some food for the modeling. Particulary like popcorns with butter, but just simple bread will do it too. If you could catch some fish--- yeah, you know what is the best after all!