Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter in our region

We are the very "noisy" birds: in winter we had hard time to make a living.
We are very happy to get some hand outs,
the fish we eat
went deep
into warmer waters
and we are hungry.

I look fat, you think
but I am just puffing up
mt feathers
and so is warmer.

They call me :
'Red belly woodpecker"
but the red is on my head...

I live here too.
In a different part of the region
They call me "Fox squirrel"
I like black nuts,
not acorns!

The most beautiful in the winter show:
The Male Cardinal
tough birds to live
in the cold winter here.

I am the "Downy woodpecker"
a small little bird
but still a woodpecker

You can see that I am very similar
to those birds
on the East Coast,
but this picture is from
the Pacific North West.

They call it:
snow fence
to keep the drifting snow in control

At the very same time:
Down South
we the penguins
enjoy the summer time.

And so we celebrate the SOLSTICE
in the winter up North
and in the South
on the other pole.

Monday, November 15, 2010

the misteries in Nature

No plane was ever created by men,
no plane would fly like this
the wonder of aerodynamics
created by nature!
Hear Ya...!
I am talking to you!!!

The grace in
deep waters

Sunday, September 26, 2010


These are the favored sights :
to see the clouds
because we still in need for lot of rain
The surviving heroes:
the Yucca and an Ornamental Grass
after the brutal heat and drought

Gourds are coming in all shapes and colors
the "clowns" in the Fall :-)

More serious stuff: food for humans
on the healthy side
(Veggies naturally)

One of my favored: the Turnips
if you know the right recipes
they can be just delicious.
I wish I could find
the best of the recipes, but
now just have to look
and hope to find. :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

very funny

So is Fall in the world of flowers
Some decoration if you like

Serious matter: beauty after death


Monday, August 23, 2010


My favored lunch
cauliflower cooked and placed in a little dish over oil and breadcrumbs.
On the top
little sprinkle oil and again breadcrumbs
and cottage cheese
with fat free sour cream.
For a few minutes
goes into the
toaster oven.
On the side: Southern biscuit.
For drink: apple juice
An other very much liked meal
from the
what you see on the photo.
How the to make it for a delight
tell you
the next time:)
Now like to take some pictures
on this hot day

The beneficial deep shades
of the big oak trees
have saved lot of lifes
during this summer
heat waves

Burned out grasses
were just
what you could see.

But our prayers
were heard:
eventually clouds
started to come
and finally
the long waited rain
soaked the thirsty ground
and the
wilted vegetation
started to come alive.

Photos by Blue bird@exclusives.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tiger Lilies in July

Tiger Lilies the flowers for the burning hot
July Sun.

This is a flower in this region
enjoying the summer heat.

Her incredible beauty attracts many insects
bees and butterflys

If you want to see
the most amazing
design of Nature:
make a close up shot.
Photos from Blue Bird@
all rights reserved

Friday, July 16, 2010

from a blessed country

You don't have to take an airplane to see a place on this Earth where there are still some dirt roads and meadows with poppy and other wild flowers

In my blog where Nature Talks by the kindness of a friend
from that God-blessed country
who sent these photos
to see and enjoy

there are poppies in the meados where no
grass cutting machines fill the air
annoying noise

where this little boy is a lucky kid
to learn about the
on an open field
where wild flowers bloom
and are not cut

and where you can see from an open space
a Sunset
on a summer evening
a nice dry warm air.

Photographs taken
by Gyorgy Malnasi
in the meados of Hungary.
All rights reserved.

Monday, June 28, 2010

to remember

when it is sizzling hot as it was today
I would say:
"Love you Sun
but what is too much
is too much"
and than the Sun would say:
"Just go into your braincells
and remember
the blizzard
in February!"
Than I would say:
"Oh my God you Sun!
I was looking for you
in the blizzard
but now
I stay out of your way!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just a doodle.
The black is representing the past.
The little forms: representing the present looking into the future.
There are no two forms
the same.
Nobody knows the future
and the variety of possibilities is endless.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the guide

It's from the time at BBC h2g2
Underguide forum (lot of fun)
ride the horses to find the guide the poem was written by
Blue Bird
@BBC forum h2g2
for the


It’s a land
No one’s land
Where I live
On the edge
That’s the end.

You wont’ see
White on white
Neither see
Black in night
That’s my life.

Happy times
When go by
Silly goose
Don’t you cry
After rain
Sun will shine.

What is than?
Why is why?sss
Want to know
Who am I?
I don’t know.
Say: Good-bye!

Hello there
Tell me just
What you find?
With the help
Of the Guide?

What is that
In your hand?
Looking like
Sparkling red
Bubblegum: did you find?
Oh you wonderful
Wonderful Under-Guide.

:):):) :):):)