Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic Month of May ending.

What more can be more peaceful than these two sheep are grazing side by side with no worry about the troubles of the World?

Argo our British photographer sent both of these works from a beautiful day when the Sun was shining bright in England and a group of grazing sheep stand there for him to take a picture

to tell the World:

Life is good!

I have great respect to these animals because of the wool they create and that wool is wonderful to keep the naked human body warm in the brutal freeze of winters.


Nature provides

and let us be

thankful and humble for the goodness of Nature!
Photos: Argo Exclusive.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nature Friendly balance

With these 2 pictures it is easy to see and understand how Nature works for the benefit of balance.
Owls live on mice. I learned this with my own experience working as a volunteer in a bird sanctuary.
There were injured owls
depending on our
to keep them alive.
The only food they got were
defrosted mice
from a laboratory.
Nature balance is there
between the mice
and the owl's only food.

In the wild where the owl has to get the food on their own: they hunt at night
with their incredible eyesight
and in total silence
to approach the "food".

There was a time when one of a neighbor
decided to kill some mice and used some poison: a pesticide
In those days I found numerous squirrels
in my garden
killed by the rat poison.
Every pesticides have the common restricts:
to kill many other creatures they are
no way of any harm
to any humans.


Nature's balance

There is perfect balance in Nature.
But humans can upset it
cause great damages to the environment.
Let's see this time about the pesticides
what ever
in the past!
Remember: DDT!? Remember the Everglades
destruction in Florida?
Oh, well there is a very long list
about the horrors what
still going on.
to every unconsidered action
there would be a better
Nature Friendly
there is always something
intervention comes up
against the correct way
the damage is not reversible on
this Earth!
I am going to show 2 researches I have done with pictures to illustrate my findings.
One is about the issue of killing MOSQUITOES
other subject is about FIELD MICE elimination.
Hope that the Google blogger
will be to my help.
The pictures would be in the next posting
in this blog
I can download
the picks. ?????