Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter in our region

We are the very "noisy" birds: in winter we had hard time to make a living.
We are very happy to get some hand outs,
the fish we eat
went deep
into warmer waters
and we are hungry.

I look fat, you think
but I am just puffing up
mt feathers
and so is warmer.

They call me :
'Red belly woodpecker"
but the red is on my head...

I live here too.
In a different part of the region
They call me "Fox squirrel"
I like black nuts,
not acorns!

The most beautiful in the winter show:
The Male Cardinal
tough birds to live
in the cold winter here.

I am the "Downy woodpecker"
a small little bird
but still a woodpecker

You can see that I am very similar
to those birds
on the East Coast,
but this picture is from
the Pacific North West.

They call it:
snow fence
to keep the drifting snow in control

At the very same time:
Down South
we the penguins
enjoy the summer time.

And so we celebrate the SOLSTICE
in the winter up North
and in the South
on the other pole.