Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter stuff and more

Snowmen from England.
Over there they not used the white stuff
and certainly taking it as fun.
Snowmen with his family: wife,
2 children and a cat.
Also from England sent by Argo,
the blog contributing British photographer

It was just unthinkable sight what I saw
going home from the store.
A young woman was carrying a bundle like it was a baby. But it was not quite like it though. With my irresistible curiosity I asked her what is it?
Yes it was a baby, but a dog-baby. With his very short hair had to be wrapped up in the cold weather.
Amazing blue eyes and very friendly biting my fingers.
To say: Hello!
He was 9 weeks old.

This was the place where I met the dog-baby.: the name is Mac because he will be a very big dog.

The icy road was not very inviting to drive and we just rushed home as the Sun was setting down.

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