Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nature Friendly balance

With these 2 pictures it is easy to see and understand how Nature works for the benefit of balance.
Owls live on mice. I learned this with my own experience working as a volunteer in a bird sanctuary.
There were injured owls
depending on our
to keep them alive.
The only food they got were
defrosted mice
from a laboratory.
Nature balance is there
between the mice
and the owl's only food.

In the wild where the owl has to get the food on their own: they hunt at night
with their incredible eyesight
and in total silence
to approach the "food".

There was a time when one of a neighbor
decided to kill some mice and used some poison: a pesticide
In those days I found numerous squirrels
in my garden
killed by the rat poison.
Every pesticides have the common restricts:
to kill many other creatures they are
no way of any harm
to any humans.


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