Thursday, June 17, 2010

the guide

It's from the time at BBC h2g2
Underguide forum (lot of fun)
ride the horses to find the guide the poem was written by
Blue Bird
@BBC forum h2g2
for the


It’s a land
No one’s land
Where I live
On the edge
That’s the end.

You wont’ see
White on white
Neither see
Black in night
That’s my life.

Happy times
When go by
Silly goose
Don’t you cry
After rain
Sun will shine.

What is than?
Why is why?sss
Want to know
Who am I?
I don’t know.
Say: Good-bye!

Hello there
Tell me just
What you find?
With the help
Of the Guide?

What is that
In your hand?
Looking like
Sparkling red
Bubblegum: did you find?
Oh you wonderful
Wonderful Under-Guide.

:):):) :):):)

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  1. Actually there is a comment: and is good, but the commenter is Argo who will talk only on E-mail! lol :O