Friday, July 16, 2010

from a blessed country

You don't have to take an airplane to see a place on this Earth where there are still some dirt roads and meadows with poppy and other wild flowers

In my blog where Nature Talks by the kindness of a friend
from that God-blessed country
who sent these photos
to see and enjoy

there are poppies in the meados where no
grass cutting machines fill the air
annoying noise

where this little boy is a lucky kid
to learn about the
on an open field
where wild flowers bloom
and are not cut

and where you can see from an open space
a Sunset
on a summer evening
a nice dry warm air.

Photographs taken
by Gyorgy Malnasi
in the meados of Hungary.
All rights reserved.

1 comment:

  1. Nature Talks wants to say Thank you to our Friend in Hungary : Gyorgy Malnasi
    for these wonderful photos telling so much of a land where are still Natural beauties preserved. Blue bird :_)