Monday, August 23, 2010


My favored lunch
cauliflower cooked and placed in a little dish over oil and breadcrumbs.
On the top
little sprinkle oil and again breadcrumbs
and cottage cheese
with fat free sour cream.
For a few minutes
goes into the
toaster oven.
On the side: Southern biscuit.
For drink: apple juice
An other very much liked meal
from the
what you see on the photo.
How the to make it for a delight
tell you
the next time:)
Now like to take some pictures
on this hot day

The beneficial deep shades
of the big oak trees
have saved lot of lifes
during this summer
heat waves

Burned out grasses
were just
what you could see.

But our prayers
were heard:
eventually clouds
started to come
and finally
the long waited rain
soaked the thirsty ground
and the
wilted vegetation
started to come alive.

Photos by Blue bird@exclusives.

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