Monday, October 12, 2009

Got to start!

It is the truth: You try hard--- you will succeed. Take it from me as I am telling the truth to you.
Yesterday I had bad luck to start my diary.
But today, because of very kind blogger connections, like Lori from Canada sent me the inspiration to try again and here we are, my new blog is launched into the cyberspace!
The beginning to let you know how is life by me where I live in this most beautiful World of ours. Do not forget: reality is out there but we make something out of it what can be anything = what we create out of it. Wow!
I think with my bird brain that it is a little harsh to put all the responsibility on ourselves.
OK. so thinks a little bird's brain, but the humans can make up things like predestination, what actually is more severe, because than no matter what you do your faith is ( somewhere) where ever but made up to fit to you. Meaning: no matter what you do it really does not matter.
Good luck said the bird community. It is still what you make out of it. :-)
Now I want something else for my diary. This is flying off from the ground, but sorry we Birds we do fly and that is just so wonderful! Do you think that humans will want to read about this kind of a nonsense? Will see! Are there any followers to leave a comment? First thing first: 0 comment :-))))) Bluebirdstuff. :)))

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