Monday, October 12, 2009

blue bird's diary

I am trying to write my daily notes.

Trying to think how to talk the way the humans will understand it. No this picture is not me. It is friend ( they call her/him a "seagull") a mature member of the seagull community and enjoy taking picture of her/him. Usually is connected to get some food for the modeling. Particulary like popcorns with butter, but just simple bread will do it too. If you could catch some fish--- yeah, you know what is the best after all!


  1. Well done. It looks lovely. I see you are interested in nature blogs.
    Here is one I think you might really like.
    Her photos are beautiful and her words even better.

  2. Just made the 3rd blog to the Daily Notes thanks to your help Lori!
    Yes the hazy moon is on my list and she is really a poet, a writer a photographer in one: very talented Lady. She is following me, but I still don't know how to put on my blogs whom I am following. I can get there, but in a more complicated way.
    Certainly is celebration for me that I got this far in BLOGGING.
    Thanks a million again for your help Lori! Love: Blue Bird